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S.Stewart & Associates Private Investigation can help you to determine the court’s decision and help you to obtain custody of your child. We are experts in child custody investigations, we are a firm of private investigators and we only employ retired police officers to work these cases; these officers know and understand the law. We can work on a case file with the evidence given, and gather evidence during our investigation that will increase the chances of having your child raised in a healthy and safe environment.

Civil Cases:

  1. Child Support.
  2. Child Custody.
  3. Divorce.

Criminal Cases:

  1. Trial Preparation.
  2. Worker Compensation Fraud.
  3. Sealing & Expunction of Criminal Records.
  4. Background & Record Checks.


S.Stewart & Associates will conduct an in depth, detailed and accurate investigation of your spouses lifestyle, associate who he or she brings to the home and who has access to the child or children. How he or she provides for the children and come to the determination of his or her capabilities as a responsible parent. We will do an analysis of our findings in your case and review the case thoroughly, to make sure that based on the evidence, that you are the most qualified parent to have custody of the child.

S.Stewart & Associates will do what is in the best interest of the child. All of our investigations are based on the highest standards and precepts of the law. We will always operate within the parameters of the law. We are fully licensed to handle child support, child custody, and child abuse investigations. We have all of the necessary experience to do the best job possible.

To place your children in a safe and loving environment that they are entitled to, call S.Stewart & Associates and receive a free consultation on your case today.

Criminal Investigations

Have you been accused of a crime? Have you been the victim of a crime? Do you want to solve the crime but you can’t quite put the pieces together and you need help to get the job done? S.Stewart & Associates is at your service and we are here to help you. Every investigator that handles our cases is a retired police officer. We conduct precise criminal investigations that are constructed to give you all the information that you need to make the right decision. If you have been accused of a serious crime and your life depends on it, you need to contact us. There are many of people that have been falsely accused and arrested and sent to prison who or are now on death row. People in these situations get released twenty or thirty years later. They needed an investigator the first time they went to court. How can you give someone 30 years of their life back? Sad to say, but you can’t. Make the right decision the first time. Our criminal investigation services are thorough and detailed. Call S.Stewart & Associates, we have an excellent track record of getting charges dismissed against wrongly accused people and having them released from jail. If this is you or your loved one, call us now.