DNA Infidelity Test.



What is an Infidelity DNA Test?

An Infidelity DNA Test compares DNA that is extracted from an item submitted to a known reference sample, generally a buccal swab sample.  The DNA from the items are compared to see if the DNA matches or not.   

Do you think that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you?                                                    


Find out now with the Infidelity DNA Test.  Although the test results are not admissible in court, the Infidelity DNA Test answers important questions or concerns you may have about a possible cheating spouse or significant other. The truth will be revealed, and this will allow you to make an intelligent next step decision in your relationship. Call For More Details:


How does the DNA Infidelity Test Work?


The Infidelity DNA Test can identify a suspected stain or biological material (semen, etc.), the gender from the DNA found, and if there’s a DNA match to your spouse’s or significant other’s sample.  For example, the test can determine the presence of a foreign DNA substance (male or female) on specific items such as linens, undergarments, tissues, hair samples and other types of clothing.


Why should I get an Infidelity DNA Test?


Don’t you want to know if your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? Put your suspicions to rest, today.


Important – any items such as linens, undergarments, tissues, and other types of clothing that will be tested should be placed in a brown paper bag and not a plastic bag or Ziploc bag. Hair samples can be placed in a plastic bag. Once you have done that give us a call as soon as possible to arrange for testing.