Cheating Spouse

    1. Your mate becomes very secretive and evasive.

    2. Your mate wants to have more free time or “space” “alone” or with “friends”.

    3. Your mate becomes more concerned about their appearance and clothing.

    4. Your mate has suspicious stains on or inside their clothing.

    5. Your mate makes or receives suspicious phone calls or emails.

    6. Your mate is less interested in sex or suddenly uses new techniques.

    7. Your mate is using drugs like Viagra, condoms or contraceptives without you.

    8. Your mate becomes irritated easily and is overly argumentative.

    9. Your mate makes threats to leave you without providing a logical reason.

    10. Your mate becomes the subject of rumors about inappropriate behavior.




You may have a very strong feeling in your stomach that your mate is cheating. The human experience tells us that these kinds of strong, nagging gut feelings about a possible cheating mate almost always have some merit. This natural instinct is simply part of the way we as humans are made and is rarely incorrect. Don’t be a victim of the unknown, seek the hidden truth, the only cure for worries and concerns about infidelity. If you are experiencing concern over these or other warning signs, please do not hesitate to call us for affordable rates and additional information.