Internet Dating Investigations

Everyone knows that anybody can write about themselves and be beautiful on the Internet. The question is whether or not their photo is the real thing is just the beginning in the long list of questions that arise when dating online. The problem is there’s just no way to know. If the photo appears that it has been taken from a magazine, well, it probably has. Follow your instincts as well. You should ask yourself if the personality matches the photo. Does this person sound sincere? Does this person seem sincere? Have you talked to this person enough on the phone, and if you have, does the voice match the photo? Confirming a person’s identity when dating online is very difficult. It is almost impossible. Let S. Stewart & Associates help you and find out the truth before you get more involved.

It has come to our attention that scam artists, predators, rapists of the world prey on those persons whom surf the internet looking for help on various sites. In particular, they prey on persons who display loneliness and are looking for a friend or just some companionship. Once the scam artist has your trust, they will offer a meeting or make you think that they are having financial or health problems; hence asking or you offering them money.
We all know that finding love on the Internet can be a very risky and dangerous proposition. It is very important to never reveal your true identity to anyone whom you do not know; even if you think that you can trust someone. Utilizing the services of S. Stewart & Associates Private Investigators can help you determine the true identity of a person. S. Stewart & Associates Investigators can guide you with the type of investigations needed to help you determine the person’s honesty and integrity.
A pre-date investigation can accomplish many things. We can investigate someone’s criminal record, identity, background, driving record, or even their credit history based on the information available. The investigations range from very simple to very detailed and thorough. The function of all investigations is the same. The aim is to uncover whether someone is misrepresenting themselves and whether there are any red flags that indicate that a person may be a bad match.
If you have found yourself in this position and have begun to wonder what is happening, then it is imperative that you hire the services of S. Stewart & Associates Private Investigators to protect yourself and your family and as well as your finances, personal property, and personal data.